The Greenleaf Willowcrest was a graduation present from my parents in 1997. (How many people get a house for graduating, huh?). I started building it, got about a year into it, then started on the second house I got from a neighbor. Disaster. I've given up on it and am now returning to finishing the Willowcrest. And refinishing. I've learned a lot in the past few years, there are changes I want to make. And you'll get to see them right here!

Update 05/25/03

I have spent the past three weekends working on the bathroom. I was just never quite happy with the way the window looked. One evening I began playing with wood scraps and ended up with a bay window. Oh, it fits! Well, since I've done that, let's extend this little bit here to even up the first floor, and oh, that tub looks terrible now. Let's make it look a little more fancy. Get rid of that plastic tile. How about marble? And Corian? With curved edges? Oh, a fancy faucet and a hand-held showerhead? Well, now the wallpaper looks horrible. Time for new! Hmm, needs trim. Something fancy? Romanesque type columns?
Do you see why you should never give a mouse a cookie, or a miniaturist scrap wood and a knife? I intend to make more stained glass windows. I've designed it so the whole tub and the window comes out in one piece. I will make it so that the roof will always be removable so I can change the windows whenever I like. I went mad with jewelry findings and came up with some very fancy bathtub fixtures. (I didn't like anything that was available in one inch scale for them!)

Update 1/03/04

I finished with the Whitmer dollhouse and I've been inspired to work on the bathroom again. This time, I finally got the outside of the bathroom configured. It now has a roof and sides, and trim! Yes, I still have some final parts to paint and a few details to glue on. I designed the bath roof to match the roof of the house (which I also altered from the original plan!). I tried to copy the mansard portion of the roof, I still haven't decided if I've succeeded yet! The roof of the bay window itself will be removable so I can change the windows that will someday be stained glass.

I also installed three lights above the bathtub. I had a hard time finding recessed lighting in one inch scale, so I finally bought an odd little piece (Cir-Kit Concepts fixture #CK5001) and turned the fixture upside down. So far it works. If it's not supposed to work, let me know!

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