I was a freshman in high school when I first discovered the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. But I loved the series anyway - enough to sculpt my own version of two of the main characters - Martin the Warrior and Gonff the little mousethief.

I had forgotten about these two - they've sat on top of the books for so long that I no longer noticed them. They were made around the same time as my wooden headed dollhouse doll family. I put so much detail into them! Their whiskers are made out of fishing line, and fur is etched into the clay.
Then there are all the accessories - although at this point I've forgotten what belongs to who! The slingshot in Gonff's hand is a piece of real wood, and Martin's pouch even has tiny FIMO rocks in it! The blue cape is removable and carefully stitched. They have a sword, belts, daggers, and a canteen. I do remember I had made a flute, as well, but he must have misplaced it. This must have taken a lot of work, but I barely remember it. But now - here they are!

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