Jane lives out in the not quite tame west. Having been educated at a Girl's school, she finds herself no longer Native American but not exactly accepted by the whites, either. Fortunately, Jane found work on Three Geese Ranch for recently widowed Mrs. Randolph, who was determined to keep the ranch going, in spite of what all the menfolk of the town said and attempted to do. Widow Randolph was grateful to find another woman who could cook, clean, rope, ride, manage accounts, and scare away the troublemakers.

Jane is actually one of my first dolls, sculpted in the late 1990's. I had set out to make a Native American doll, replete in mocs, leather and fringe, but could never manage a satisfactory leather look. Jane spent many years as a bodyless head floating in my 'someday' stash, along with Al and Lady Hannah. I hated having so many unfinished projects, so one sleepless night I came up with Jane's story. I made her new hands and black granny boots. Her body is fabric, based on the patterns in Sue Atkinson's book on dollhouse dolls. The dress is loosely copied from an 1890's gown design I found in Nancy Bradfield's 'Costume in Detail: 1730 - 1930.'

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