Yes, I'm having lots of fun. Thanks for asking! It isn't often that we get snow. Why shouldn't I be creative with it?


The sculpture that started it all. It had been years since I had made a snowman, and I was having issues getting things stacked high enough. I finally took a look at my oddly shaped blob and thought, hey, it looks like a dog . . . .

I had to adjust the contrast in order to be able to see the details. White on white is beautiful, but hard to see! This is a snow angel praying for the snow to actually STOP.

This began as a bit of a joke. Snow Argonath! Someday I hope to do a better job. And one on each side of the driveway, of course.

This little scenario, well, I make no excuses. But the penguins were quite fun and different! I thought about filling the yard up with them. Perhaps next winter. (Lemmings would be cool, too!)

New home, blizzard of 2010, HUGE mound of snow in our yard. How often do I get a chance to make a life size polar bear?