I became fascinated with digital dollz a few years back, and began learning more about drawing on the computer. Oh, sure, I took a few computer graphics courses in high school, but I've learned a LOT more just by visiting various web sites and practicing on my own. I've slowly developed my own technique, and find I enjoy it almost as much as making miniatures. It's a bit like sculpting, the way I do it. I start with a blob and take away what isn't supposed to be there! I'm sure you can see my learning curve in these images - I only hope each one is an improvement!

These are what I call my Sidebar Girls. They were displayed starting in Summer 2006, on the left side of the website, under the menu.

Pirate Girl with Treasure Map - the links displayed on the map      Halloween time, inspired by gowns on fairygothmother.com. Links appeared on tombstone      Whoa, I got a second job in a busy office.  I had to wear heels!  Links displayed on various boxes and notebooks in the pile.     A winter fairy.  Nearly did Christmas but figured I wouldn't get around to updating it for a while.  Links appeared to one side, had an animated snow background.  Fairy was translucent!      An Archaeologist with Indy's hat.  Celebrating the completion of my one inch scale roombox       a wooden puppet dancer      first attempt with DAZ|Studio      girl detective noir