Over the years my sister and I have carved many pumpkins. Generally we use the PumpkinMasters patterns, but I have a mad creative streak that induces me to create my own patterns or search for others online. Below are many of the pumpkins I've carved over the years. Some I loved, others, I wonder what the heck I was thinking. I had to dig through many boxes of my mother's photos to find these, as she seems to document EVERYTHING. There are, however, one or two that I had to guess were mine.

1993 - A PumpkinMasters Pattern

1994 - My Own Creation

1995 - My Own Creation

1996 - PumpkinMasters Pattern

1997 - PumpkinMasters Pattern

1998 - PumpkinMasters Pattern

1999 - Pattern put out by Universal Syndicate, I believe

2000 - PumpkinMasters Pattern

2001 - PumpkinMasters Pattern

2002 - Pumpkin Glow Pattern

2003 - PumpkinMasters Pattern

2004 - My own creation, based on a pumpkin in The Realm Online

2005 - My Own Creation


2009 - Pumpkin Lady Pattern

2010 - Zombie Pumpkins: Gargoyle and Pumpkin Lady: Zack


2011 - Pumpkin Lady pattern,"Earl." jars lined with tissue paper, faces cut from a glossy paper bag and glued on.

2012 - This year's pattern was originally created by artist Von Glitschka and used with his permission. Check out his blog and web site for other awesome art!

2013 - The Pumpkin Lady pattern, "The New Trainee," more Pumpkin Jar lanterns, and my own design, a spiderweb lantern.

2014 - Zombie Pumpkins! Pattern, "Demi," and my take on 'Kittens in a Pumpkin' with 'Pumpkin Kittens in a Cauldron.'