Wilderness Shops

Enterprising NPCs have set up shop away from the safety of the towns for players too busy to travel back to town to repair and restock. It defeats the purpose to give directions to these tent shops from the teleporters since you'd have to go BACK to town to find them again, so below I am listing the room numbers for each.

To find them, type /room in the chat feature and switch over to the room tab. It will tell you a room number. Then walk to the next screen and do the same thing. You should be able to determine the ordering method (which sometimes appears to be random) and find your way to the screen with the wilderness shop. Good luck!

Adelyte's, in Wandering Woods, 1606
Ateed's, in Zender's Woods, 4222
Cronus's, in Ascetos Desert, 21998
DeSol's, in Drear Valley, 25188
Earc's, in Emerald Forest, 2242
Fabienne's, in The Downs, 16583
Ferris's in The Wild Beyond, 4815
Jyotis's in Ascetos Desert, 21318
Kalkin's, in Wandering Woods, 1374
Prent's, in Devon Forest, 3132
Pyotr's, in Wandering Woods, 1484
Oasis, in Ascetos Deep 21150
Qwen's, in The Barrens 20057
Solana's, in Ascetos Desert, 21247
Vibeka's, in Bloodwood, 4129
Viljo's, in Winter Wold, 12358
Zaliki's, in Wild Beyond,4511


For a visual guide, check out the Player's Map on the official web site.

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updated 1/17/2013