Rings and Amulets

Rings and amulets are frequent treasure drops, especially in the lower level creatures. When they drop, they are generally identified as 'Ring', 'Amulet', or 'Magical Amulet'. In order to find out what kind of item it is, you have cast Identify on it. However, if you want to save mana, you can also identify it by its selling price when you take it to an NPC in a store. Below is a list of items with their selling prices.


Plain Rings - 25 Gold
Copper Ring

Cursed Rings - 50 Gold
Ring of Clumsiness
Ring of Stupidity
Ring of Ugliness
Ring of Gender (unimplemented)

Special Event Rings
Engagement Ring - 250 Gold
Wedding Ring - 750 Gold
Expensive Wedding Ring - 7500 Gold
Royal Wedding Ring - 15,000 Gold

Attribute Rings
1000 Gold - Ring of Eternal Nourishment
1250 Gold
- Ring of Dexterity
- Ring of Endurance
- Ring of Strength
1500 Gold - Ring of Regeneration
1750 Gold - Ring of Intelligence


1500 Gold
Amulet of Dexterity
Amulet of Endurance
Amulet of Strength
Amulet of Shielding

2000 Gold
Amulet of Dodging

2500 Gold
Amulet of Combat
Amulet of Intelligence
Amulet of Free Will
Amulet of Grounding

3500 Gold
Amulet of Death Magic Protection

Magical Amulets

These amulets can add power to your casting damage (and also prevent you from casting other spell circles). There are three types of magical amulets - Elementalism, Necromancy and Thaumaturgy. In each grouping, the magical amulets are divided into level boundaries - you must be at least a certain level to wear each one. The higher level you get, the greater the casting damage.

Level 30 Amulets - 5,000 Gold
Level 60 Amulets - 10,000 Gold
Level 100 Amulets - 20,000 Gold
Level 140 Amulets - 40,000 Gold
Level 190 Amulets - 80,000 Gold
Level 240 Amulets - 125,000 Gold
Level 300 Amulets - 150,000 Gold
Level 360 Amulets - 187,500 Gold

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