Cave Directions

There are many caves in the Realm where one can find experience and treasures galore. Aggi herself has traveled to each place to ensure the directions are right, so if it's listed here, she's been there. (Hopefully she didn't lose count!)

The Anvil: From Arimathor Teleport, 4 left, 25 up (or keep going til you find the sarc - I always lose count!)

Ascetos Caverns: From Asgard Teleport, 1 left, 2 down

Barracks: From Drune teleport, 2 right 7 up

Church of Damnation: From Wen teleport, 1 right, 9 down

Daemon Home: From Drune teleport, 5 left, 5 up

Dark Gauntlet: From Wen Teleport, 10 down, 9 left (same place as before)

The Dragon Pit:From Drune Teleport, 6 down, 15 left.

Eastern Ogre Caverns: (Now called Ogre Caverns) From Kurz teleport, 1 up, 15 left

Enid's Safe Haven: From Silverbrook Teleport, 8 left, 2 up (in a tree)

Faery Caverns: From West Leinster teleport, 6 right, 5 down

Fenris Caves: From Caer Fandry teleport, 3 left, 5 down, 1 right

Festering Hate Pool: from Wen Teleport, 6 up, 6 right

Forgotten Dungeon: From Kurz teleport, 6 right then 4 down

Fuloran's Abode: From Usk Teleport, 2 right 10 down

Greater Hives: From Asgard teleport, 2 left and 12 up

Holy Caves: From Kurz Teleport, 1 right, 2 down, 10 right

Imp City: From Caer Fandry Teleport, 2 left, 9 up

Imp Haven: From West Leinster teleport, 1 down, 6 left, 7 down

Jewel of the Scepter: from West Leinster Teleport, 14 down.

The Labyrinth: from Drune Teleport, 1 up, 17 left

Lesser Hive: from West Leinster Teleport, 4 up, 4 left, 1 up (in a tree)

Naktos's Morgue: From West Leinster teleport - 1 up, 1 left, 5 down, 2 right

Sigurd's Retreat: From Murias teleport - 1 right, 13 up

Snake Pit: From Drune teleport, right as far as possible, then 2 down

Storage Chambers: From West Leinster teleport, 5 up, 3 right, 3 up, 1 left.

Targoth's Tomb: From Kurz Teleport, 6 left (hasn't changed)

Test of the Soul: From Silverbrook teleport, 7 left, 5 down, 1 left (same place as before)

Thieves Hole: from Drune Teleport, 1 down 10 left

Tor's Crypt: From East Leinster teleport, 5 down, 1 left, 2 down, 1 left

Troll's Haven: from West Leinster teleport, 5 up, 3 right, 6 up

Troll's Hideaway: From Kurz teleport, 1 right, 7 down

Tulor's Caverns: From Silverbrook, two up, 11 right

Undead Stronghold: From Wen, 2 up, 7 left.

Warrior's Abode: From Drune teleport, 6 down

Zoo: from East Leinster teleport, 4 right, 2 up


For a visual guide, check out the Player's Map on the official web site.

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updated 1/17/2013