Hali and Aggi's Memories of The Realm Online

01/17/2013 - I still have plans to make this a Realm Nostalgia site, although I would like to keep up the basic information like cave locations and cave riddles. I am no longer playing the game but would love it if someone in game could help me keep the important bits updated, as these Realm pages account for most of my web site hits! Please contact me if you're interested or find any errors!

P.S. I apologize for the messy condition of the site. I didn't realize how much was broken! I have fixed all the email links I could find and the links to the blog. Be sure to click Refresh if you've visited recently!

The guestbook? Most decidedly dead. Searching for a replacement. Thanks for your patience!

News, updates and other items will be posted in Aggi's Diary.

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