One thing I must admit to . . . a wide variety of interests. At one point or another in my web surfing, I have stumbled across these sites. I can't improve on them. I can only direct you to them! I hope you enjoy browsing. They are arranged into categories for your convenience.

My Stuff, just not on this site

My Pinterest Boards

My Yelp Reviews

My Instagram

My personal blog

Animusings, my animation and folklore blog


The Realm Online

Puzzle Pirates


Muppet Wiki The official Muppet Web page A Muppet News Flash!

Muppet Central

Web Comics

Dan & Mab's Furry Adventures

Order of the Stick

Girl Genius Online


George Mason University

Herndon Community Television

National Wildlife Federation

The Encyclopedia Mythica

Internet Archive's Wayback Machine

What Should I Read Next?


Ardalambion Tolkien Language Guide

The Tolkien Sarcasm Page

Lord of The Rings Fanatics Site