6/8/2013 - added a photo album from our Mount Evans, CO trip.
2/20/2013 - Just moved to the Boulder, CO area! Taking lots of photos, but hating Picasa and so are the people being linked to it. SO! I am implementing the solution I found back in August. You'll be able to see new album links on the About Me page for now.
8/17/12 - Playing with photo gallery options, so my museum page is back! Let me know what you think.
5/10/12 - Updated my resume
4/27/12 - Added a blog preview to the index page (this one). I needed to put SOMETHING in that space!
4/1/12 - Removed Rosa, as she is now Coppelia!
8/8/11 - Added Theo, a Heidi Ott male.
03/22/11 - Added a page about the mini tools I use.
02/27/11 - Made pages for Rosa and Igraine. I'm not pleased with the photos so consider these a work in progress.
02/24/11 - Nora has joined my collection.
02/03/11 - Added Jane to my miniature dolls. It's been a long wait for her!
10/31/10 - Added 2010 pumpkins to the pumpkin carving page.
10/07/10 - Behold and admire the new menus on the Miniatures pages. Please contact me if you have trouble seeing them.
9/20/10 - Blog issues. Now located here due to blogger.com's forced FTP changes.
08/15/10 - You might notice that some pages no longer look weird. I'm finally getting around to finishing my 2008 update!
11/7/09 - Became an aunt!
6/6/09 - Got married! Honeymoon pics are also in my Picasa album.
8/6/08 - Finally added my birthday adventure
1/21/08 - Making some changes to a few pages - I've discovered Picasa and will be moving a bunch of photos to my new album.
3/22/08 - New Web site design - mint chocolate chip!

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